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David G.
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"Tony came in my company at a time when I could not afford him at all. He talked a big game about how he could help raise sales and boost the business. I assumed he was like all others.. however.. Tony is the real deal, he is a killer and gets the job done."
Rob M.
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"This is and has been your true calling, brother. I learned more from you than I did with years of working with others. it's in your bloodied it's your passion, my guy...get after it!"
Michael L.
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"Listening to your videos has inspired me to take another shot at my business that I had started years ago but gave up on."
Tony R.
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"..It is individuals like you that continue to ignite and fuel the passion within me. I am so proud of you and moved by your heart of perseverance. Congratulations on your talk in November! and I wish you all the best."
Mike C.
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"Tony came into my company as I was growing, I had sold a company in Seattle and moved back to Michigan to be closer to family. Tony helped me build and grow my company from roughly $120,000 per month in gross sales to just over $800,000 per month in 18 months."

Former NFL & NBA Exec. – Paul Epstine

Founder & Creator of QP.ME – Alex Clark

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