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Welcome to AMBCO, I’m Antonio Bravata, currently serving with passion and purpose as the Chief Portfolio Officer for Legend Green Holdings. In this pivotal role, I steer the strategic direction of multiple subsidiaries, ensuring they not only meet but exceed their growth and performance targets. My expertise in driving transformative success across various industries fuels my daily mission to foster innovation and profitability within our ventures.

While my commitment to Legend Green Holdings occupies the majority of my professional focus, I remain dedicated to nurturing the broader business community through selective advisory roles. I offer my experience and insights to help other leaders and organizations excel. Although I am not available for direct hire, I am open to discussing potential advisory opportunities and sharing my expertise to foster growth and innovation in other ventures.

Interested in exploring how we can collaborate or need seasoned advice to propel your business forward? Feel free to schedule a meeting with me to discuss your needs and my availability. Let’s explore the possibilities together!

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